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Microgaming Roulette - The new game of Premier Roulette

There is a buzz in today’s roulette news as Micrograming announced the introduction of their newest ground breaking online roulette game – Premier Roulette. Based on European Roulette with only one zero, it has been described by some as the Rolls Royce of online roulette with a whole host of features yet to seen in roulette online. Not since the advent of the internet and the explosion in popularity of online roulette has there been such excitement in roulette news.

Players of Premier Roulette will be able to customize the play area and table layouts and then save them for further use.

Online casinos depositors feel the effects of the Wikileaks backlash

It seems no matter what you do or where you are, you cannot escape the news of Wikileaks founder, Australian Julian Assange, being arrested and an internet campaign – Operation Payback being mounted by groups of people targeting financial institutions plotting against and freezing the assets of Wikileaks.

In an attempt to punish and derail institutions like PayPal, Visa and MasterCard, hackers have caused considerable disruption to their services which has resulted in the failure of many to pay and deposit funds in online casinos. Perennial favorites like online roulette have suffered as a result of operation payback and the word in the casino news is that operation payback is set to continue causing further depositing problems within the online gaming industry.

Two men convicted of being Roulette cheats released

There was a stir in the roulette news this week as two men, already banned from casinos across the United Kingdom, were found guilty at a London crown court of gaining illegal entry using false identification and cheating at Roulette. The two individuals of Italian descent would both play at the same roulette table; one would distract the croupier as the ball was stopping on the roulette wheel, whilst the other would move chips onto the winning number.

Both men had previous convictions for similar offences in the United Sates and in Australia, but by using a number of aliases backed up falsified identification they managed to elude international police efforts and continually target new casinos.

Leading software provider: interesting Q3 results

Along with Playtech and Microgaming, Cryptologic dominate the market for providing turnkey solutions to the online casino world. The boom in internet gambling has seen recent tighter regulation in massive markets such as the United States and with the general global economic downturn, the casino online software provider which was formed in a basement in 1995 announced this year a major cost cutting and restructuring program. The effects of which are clearly evident in the Q3 results announced only the other day.

Operations in Cyprus and London were closed and moved to Malta. Management changes were implemented in a self admitted aggressive fashion and the result was operating expenses went down an impressive 20% from Q2 to Q3 – with total expenses from $20.2 million to $9.9 million.

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