Microgaming Roulette - The new game of Premier Roulette

There is a buzz in today’s roulette news as Micrograming announced the introduction of their newest ground breaking online roulette game – Premier Roulette. Based on European Roulette with only one zero, it has been described by some as the Rolls Royce of online roulette with a whole host of features yet to seen in roulette online. Not since the advent of the internet and the explosion in popularity of online roulette has there been such excitement in roulette news.

Players of Premier Roulette will be able to customize the play area and table layouts and then save them for further use. The game speed is adjustable with normal and turbo speeds and as well as an autoplay option, Premier Roulette features an innovative 3D wheel zoom. The inventive new roulette game also offers its players a different screen layout with displays of previous play and results history, as well covering percentages too. Microgaming has also introduced a feature which will also give the player the opportunity to mix up their chips into piles ranging from one unit to two hundred units making playing online roulette as user friendly as possible.

The new Premier Roulette seems to be all the talk in casino news and in everything news roulette. It looks as though Microgaming has taken the game of roulette which hasn’t changed that much in essence, since its inception in 17th century Paris, to a new level. The fast paced world of the online roulette casinos industry seems to be very excited indeed by the introduction of Premier Roulette and by the looks of it, with every justification, as the bar in online roulette has definitely just been raised.

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