Online casinos depositors feel the effects of the Wikileaks backlash

It seems no matter what you do or where you are, you cannot escape the news of Wikileaks founder, Australian Julian Assange, being arrested and an internet campaign – Operation Payback being mounted by groups of people targeting financial institutions plotting against and freezing the assets of Wikileaks.

In an attempt to punish and derail institutions like PayPal, Visa and MasterCard, hackers have caused considerable disruption to their services which has resulted in the failure of many to pay and deposit funds in online casinos. Perennial favorites like online roulette have suffered as a result of operation payback and the word in the casino news is that operation payback is set to continue causing further depositing problems within the online gaming industry. This is a further blow to those wishing to play online roulette or any one of the many games offered in the massive online casino industry, especially in the United States, who are still reeling after the shock disappearance of EwalletXpress. Funds there were seized this month in the United States after a federal warrant was issued and only Canada currently appears in Options where once USA and Canada were shown. This is very reminiscent of what happened a few years ago with Neteller, another ewallet solution for online gamblers seized and some depositors only getting their money back after a very long wait.

Hopefully the disruption to visitors to online casinos will end very soon and campaigns like operation payback will not have any major detrimental effect upon the massive online casino industry.

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