Two men convicted of being Roulette cheats released

There was a stir in the roulette news this week as two men, already banned from casinos across the United Kingdom, were found guilty at a London crown court of gaining illegal entry using false identification and cheating at Roulette. The two individuals of Italian descent would both play at the same roulette table; one would distract the croupier as the ball was stopping on the roulette wheel, whilst the other would move chips onto the winning number.

Both men had previous convictions for similar offences in the United Sates and in Australia, but by using a number of aliases backed up falsified identification they managed to elude international police efforts and continually target new casinos. It is believed by police that the two conmen are part of a much larger crime syndicate that operate on a global scale; targeting roulette tables in casinos all over the world.

People getting caught and convicted for cheating in roulette are rare and it was a touch surprising in the roulette news world that only suspended sentences were handed to the two fraudsters,  especially with a maximum penalty of up to ten years available for the judge to hand out. Lawyers for the two successfully pleaded that although they had been dishonest, they only did what they did because of their addictions to gambling and the judge agreed there was no evidence of organized crime at work, despite being known to police intelligence all around the world.

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There was a stir in the roulette news this week as two men, already...

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